Q. How long will the carpets take to dry?

A. Depending on the current weather conditions and the amount of air flowing through the room, drying times can vary from 2 - 8 hours. The carpets will only be damp however and not soaking.

Q. What are the benefits of cleaning my carpets?

A. There are numerous benefits to establishing a regular carpet cleaning routine and these include:

1. Improved hygiene around the home

Carpets act like large air filters throughout our home, trapping a variety of pests, dust, hair and other allergens, including dust mites, animal dander, moulds, spores etc.

Regular professional cleaning will help reduce excessive build-up of these contaminants and allergy triggers in your carpet, which is especially important if there are young children in your home, as they are much closer to the ground and spend a great deal of time in constant contact with the carpet.

2. Extended life of carpets

Embedded dirt and soil acts like sand paper when in your carpet and greatly reduces the lifespan of a carpet due to the abrasive effect. Regular cleaning will extend the life of all carpets.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Clean carpets compliment any living or office space and make all environments more pleasant to be in. In addition well maintained carpets will add appeal and value to your property.


Q. Last time I had my carpets cleaned, they were dirty again in a very short time, will that happen with your system?

A. When carpets become dirty again very shortly after being cleaned, this is due to an excessive residue of soap that has been left behind in the carpet after cleaning. This soapy residue is sticky and as such attract dirt and dust rapidly soiling the carpet again.

Soapy residue is generally left behind when cleaners use under powered equipment, poor cleaning technique and incorrect detergents. POWERKLEEN has the best equipment, cleaning products and correct techniques to ensure that residue left behind in the carpet is minimised and rapid re soiling is not an issue.

Q. How long will the cleaning take to complete?

A. Due to the very detailed nature of our 4 step process, cleaning times are generally longer than other cleaners in the industry. If rooms are empty of furniture, then you can expect cleaning to take approximately 30 minutes per average sized room.


Q. How often should my carpets be cleaned?

A. This depends greatly on how much traffic is going through the carpeted area, how often the carpet is vacuumed, whether or not walk off mats are in use and whether the traffic coming into the house is very dirty. Most manufacturers recommend professional hot water extraction cleaning at least every 12 months but more frequent cleaning might be necessary if carpets are visibly soiled.


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