When it comes to carpet cleaning there are many different techniques and systems available in the industry, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages as well as varying levels of effectiveness. The two most commonly employed systems in South Africa are water spray extraction (commonly referred to as steam) cleaning and dry powder carpet cleaning.

According to the US Carpet & Rug Institute the majority of global carpet manufacturers recommend that water spray extraction is the preferred method between these two, as it is a deeper and more thorough clean, when compared with dry powder cleaning. In fact many carpet manufacturers insist that carpets be cleaned every 12 - 18 months using steam cleaning to maintain the warranty on the carpet.

For this reason POWERKLEEN employs a unique 4 step WATER SPRAY EXTRACTION cleaning system on the majority of our projects, to ensure maximum cleaning effectiveness. In certain situations however, or at the request of a client, we will utilise a dry powder cleaning system in which case carpets will be totally dry immediately after clenaing.

The POWERKLEEN system also varies from the majority of cleaners in the local industry in that we employ a 4 step WET SPRAY EXTRACTION cleaning process to achieve excellent results on all our projects.

Our unique 4 step system is as follows:

1. VACUUMING: The area to be cleaned is first thoroughly dry vacuumed of all loose dirt, sand, hair and other debris to assist with the deep cleaning to follow.

2. SHAMPOO & SCRUBBING: The area is then thoroughly scrubbed using an industrial rotary scrubber machine and specially formulated detergents. This vital step ensures that the detergents are able to fully penetrate the carpet fibers and loosen embedded soil and spots.

4. EXTRACTION: All detergents along with emulsified dirt, oil and grime are then rinsed from the carpet by an extractor which sprays a mist of rinsing solution into the carpet pile whilst simultaneously sucking up the solution from the carpet using high powered extraction motors. The use of powerful extraction motors ensures that the carpet is well rinsed of all dirt and detergents, without water penetrating the underlay of the carpets. High powered extraction motors also ensure that carpet drying times are greatly reduced. Your carpets are left damp, not soaking wet and will dry within a few hours.

5. POST EXTRACTION INSPECTION: The carpet is then inspected and any stubborn spots which may have remained will receive final concentrated treatment to remove.

 Please note that this step by step cleaning process is in accordance with the

standards set out for carpet deep cleaning by THE CLEAN TRUST in the US

formerly known as the Institute of Cleaning, Inspection & Restoration Certification 

and is considered the benchmark for carpet deep cleaning, and the preferred method

recommended by carpet manufacturers.

* NB - Not all carpet cleaning companies will clean to this high standard *


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